ISWA Study Tour - Collection, Sorting & Recycling 2017

Welcome to our special programme of practical seminars on collection, sorting and ​recycling for sustainable waste management with a technical tour to 11 operational plants and facilities in the Netherlands. Our team of Environmental Engineers offer a mix of lectures covering economic, technology and organisational planning. The tour includes exclusive insights in to state of the art installations and opportunities to network with policy makers, practitioners and experts. Study Tour runs 4 - 8 September 2017.


 The programme covers lectures by highly experienced lectures in:

  • Development of waste management from landfill to resource recovery
  • Treatment of waste - thermal, composting and digestion
  • Implementation of producer responsibility
  • Touring sites in the Netherlands: Amsterdam - Rotterdam - Nijmegen - Zwolle - Alkmar - Amsterdam;

And includes site visits to and training on the following:

  • Afval Loont
  • SUEZ Recycling and Recovery Netherlands – plastic packaging
  • Maltha Glasrecyling Nederlands – glass recycling
  • Sims Recycling Solutions – E-waste
  • Beatsen – C&D waste
  • DAR – high frequency waste collection systems
  • ROVA – small to medium waste collection systems
  • Van Werven – rigid plastics
  • Ormin – technical separation of household waste
  • Wieland Textiles – textile sorting
  • De Meerlanden Holding N.V. – organic waste processing

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For more information about the course organisers, NVRD please see their website


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Registration closes July 1,  2017

Fees (€):

Registration fee includes: accommodation with breakfast, handouts, refreshments, lunch and dinner, transportation and visits to the waste treatment plants for the duration of the Study Tour.

Upon registration, seminar participants accept all accommodation arrangements organised by ISWA. Invoice and instructions for payment are sent to you upon registration.

 See Programme for cancellation policy.


3 participants from 3 different low- and lower-middle-income economies (according to the current World Bank list) receive a 50% discount on the registration fee.

The discounts are awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis, please request by email from Georgina Nitzsche

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ISWA Study Tour - Collection, Sorting & Recycling 2017

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SDGs Video

Collection, Sorting and Recyling - smart strategies for the future!

Properly managed collection, sorting and recycling systems play a strong role in the overall management of clean, healthy urban environments and the biosphere, as materials and toxic by-products are diverted from uncontrolled dumpsites. Morevover, the Circular Economy cannot develop without recycling of waste into marketable secondary resources.

See the ISWA short video highlighting the postivie role of collection, sorting and recycling and United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.